Reducing the complexity

Technology alone is not enough to stop cyber threats.  Human attackers must be confronted by human defenders.

Where to begin?  Having a platform that provides data resiliency through secure backup and fast, reliable recovery solutions for your hybrid cloud.

All-in-one Cyber Protection

Recovery is the best Ransomeware protection. KTSC reduces risk and accelerates recovery with comprehensive data security, providing you with:

  • Total control over data recovery
  • Multi-layered, trusted immutability
  • Simplicity through automation

Whether your organization is large or small, we help you protect their most valued asset – data. Whether the data resides on servers (physical or virtual), desktops, shared workspaces (i.e. Sharepoint, Teams) or O365 – our managed backup solution directs your data to its desired location (on-prem or in the cloud or both) all from a single pane of glass. What makes us unique, is our laser focus on aligning every task related to backup and an overarching cybersecurity plan with our client’s goals/objectives – never losing sight of our true purpose.

Every client asks this question – and we have put a lot of thought into our response:

We help organizations, large and small, protect their most valued assets. Unlike others, we define success first and align every task against that objective. We are guided by our principles:

Personal – you are never a number with us. We believe in the power of establishing lasting connections.

Achievement – We never compromise until we accomplish what we defined as our objectives. We believe in a more optimistic future.

Visionary – Uncertainty is a reality. But every journey begins with a single step. We believe anything is possible.

Expertise – Delivering results is not for the feint of heart. We believe in the power of a better tomorrow.

Frictionless Security and Compliance.

Transform your business.

KTSC’s team has over 50 years of combined cybersecurity consulting and implementation experience spanning across several industries. From manufacturing to financial services to healthcare, we know and develop best practices that will help you protect and preserve your most valuable data assets.

We make understanding our customer’s business our top priority.

KTSC offers flexible, customizable and feature-rich solutions needed for modern leaders to adapt to the fast-paced landscape. Our solutions scale from a few people up to enterprise levels, but you need a partner who can guide that process.

That’s why choosing a partner is the most critical step in the process of adopting a new platform or continuing to support your efforts. When you find the right partner and platform, you reduce your risks and put your plans on solid ground for the future ahead.

If you are looking to speed implementation time and reduce risk around customization, experience matters:


At all stages of the manufacturing process, we’ve helped companies manage their cybersecurity and IT efficiencies through seasoned experts and comprehensive methodology geared specifically for the manufacturing environment.

“Working with KTSC brought a new voice into internal conversations around transformational change and provided needed perspective to stakeholders resistant to system and process changes.”


Financial service partners are not hard to come by. Personal relationships are key to maintaining a competitive edge and growing your business. How does KTSC fit in? 

Our experience in the financial sector has allowed us to design secure solutions that meet the specific needs of each firm. Most importantly, we understand the compliance and regulatory demands of your industry. No matter your size, our team of advisors can safely and securely deliver intelligent, customized, and proactive advice.

"KTSC’s knowledgeable team has displayed a depth of knowledge and experience, helping us rearchitect our cybersecurity environment, putting us in position to efficiently improve and remain confident in our results."


KTSC has extensive experience working with agencies, brokers, MGAs, Carriers, Third Party Administrators, and more. Each have unique needs regarding the information that they want to track and manage. Our team understands these nuances and works to ensure that our clients get the approach reflective of their business needs.

“As with other parts of the Financial Services industry, insurance is disrupted by technology more and more every day. Even with customer’s increasing adoption of digital channels, agents — both captive and independent — continue to be a critical channel for insurance distribution. KTSC has helped us buck this trend by delivering an efficient, secure and engaging experience.”


You operate in a highly complex, deeply impactful industry. Our Healthcare team has years of hands-on experience in the industries we serve, in addition cybersecurity expertise — helping us empower you on the journey to personalized experiences and improved ROI.

Improve patient outcomes.

Our team leverages insight acquired through years in the business and hundreds of engagements, along with real-world expertise gained across the Healthcare industry, including: provider, payer, medical devices, and life sciences. From cybersecurity strategy and implementation to managed services, we guide clients through every phase of their journey — enabling continuous compliance across your data platform.


As a provider, your focus is on improved patient care, coordinator and agent enablement, and value in terms of data quality and the patient journey. How can you deliver increasingly secure and targeted care in an industry facing ever changing delivery and payment models, increased competition, and the need to maximize the ROI on technology spend?

KTSC helps you deliver patient-centric care while securing your operational platform.


Payers need to engage members while also optimizing agent workflows. But there are challenges to contend with: poor visibility and data tracking, disparate or siloed systems, inefficient workflows, captive agent and coordinator enablement, and disconnected member touch points.

Through meaningful integrations, KTSC delivers there right governance to help Payers achieve their goals.

Biotech and Pharma

We understand your goal is to bring innovative medicines to the market to help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives while providing a meaningful return to your organization, while protecting sensitive patient information.

Medical Devices

Companies in the Medical Device field improve patients’ lives with instrumentation and devices designed to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate disease, or compensate for injury or disability.

Whether you’re uniquely concerned with protecting your sensitive information, or you’re tasked with making strides toward precision medicine, we support your needs within the device, customer, and development lifecycle.

We work with some of the most innovative and well-regarded Healthcare organizations

We help them achieve their business goals through an informed, validated, and meaningful approach to secure digital transformation. And we complement platforms with a select group of strategic partners that enable critical uses cases along the journey. From strategic planning to implementation, managed services and program governance, we guide clients across different Healthcare sub industries through every phase of the journey to enable secure value realization.

“With significant compliance and privacy requirements in place, we now derive greater adoption, more solution flexibility with our Cybersecurity platform, streamlined training paths, and an intuitive instance for admins to operate. Overall, we have improved operational efficiency.”


The retail industry is constantly evolving, and technology has played a significant role in this change. With the integration of technology and data, the retail industry is facing an increased threat of cybersecurity breaches. The more technology is integrated into retail solutions, the more potential threats will be uncovered. Retailers will need to embrace cybersecurity and understand the threats posed to them while they continue to enhance experiences for customers.

The retail sector alone has faced a record number of ransomware attacks last year, with a 75% rise compared to the previous year. Specifically, 77% of retail companies were affected by a ransomware attack in 2022, up from 44% in 2021.

The retail industry is seeing a growing emphasis on cybersecurity innovation. Retailers gather valuable information such as customer data and payment card information, making them a desirable target for cybercriminals. The rise of contactless payment methods and increased e-commerce options has expanded the potential for attacks, making it more challenging for retailers to safeguard customer data.

When sensitive customer information is exposed, it can lead to a loss of trust and confidence in the company, which can harm the company’s reputation and negatively impact sales. Additionally, retailers may also face legal consequences if data breaches occur, and they can be held liable for any harm caused to customers as a result of the data leak. To mitigate these risks, retailers must implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect customer data, and have a plan in place to quickly respond to any data breaches that may occur


KTSC begins every implementation with an approach centered around your needs, budget and goals. First, we listen and learn what it is you truly NEED. Once we have a firm understanding of where you are at and where you want to go, we discover what platforms are of value to your organization and help you prioritize them in consideration of the return of investment you will see realized. Any partner can do an implementation. KTSC helps transform your business.


At KTSC, what sets us apart form others is this: We put your company at the center of everything we do. This means in addition to an implementation, you have the ability to leverage the power of our platform to transform your business. Only once we have a firm grasp of the budget, your needs, and your goals – will we present the options that will give your organization the most value. After the discovery process, we further refine your options with road maps that prioritize the ROI you will realize.


Today’s businesses rely on data like never before, making its protection essential. From cyberattacks to hardware failure to user error, any threats to data integrity have the potential to devastate your organization. KTSC’s file backup and recovery solutions draw on the power of integration to deliver unparalleled data security, protecting your organization’s operational continuity, reputation, and bottom line.


Migration to cloud is vital for companies looking to achieve digital transformation and exploit growth opportunities while preparing for disruption.

Understanding what cloud migration is, how it can benefit your business, and what is involved, will help you decide on the best strategy to achieve a smooth transition to the cloud.

KTSC’s Cloud Team helps you navigate complexity, from landing zones in the cloud continuum to regulating data sovereignty. We work with you to determine the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partners. We then help you accelerate migration and modernization to Cloud that is secure, cost-effective, and agile.


Our comprehensive cloud migration framework brings industrialized capabilities together with exclusive pre-configured industry-specific tools, methods, and automation across all cloud models and multiple delivery methods (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS).


We recognize the importance of determining exactly where your vulnerabilities lie and offer a comprehensive Pen Assessment (test), including a consultation and written report.

The assessment includes:

  • Security Patches & Vulnerability Management
  • Your Network’s Perimeter Defense
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Identify Serious Data Leaks
  • Measure Your Malware Defenses
  • Information To Inform Your Cybersecurity Decision Making


Our prevention-first cybersecurity solution was developed to stop even the most advanced malware attacks, including ransomware, zero-day vulnerabilities, and fileless malware, using the world’s first and only purpose-built, deep-learning cybersecurity framework.


Clients have used us for years to support their ongoing need for Cybersecurity Administration. We provide this service as-needed or as a managed program where our clients have a predictable expense. With the rise in salaries (and industry-wide dearth in skilled leaders) to hire Cybersecurity Administrators, this option is now more attractive than ever. All of our people are based in the United States and are well trained in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Configuration
  • Reports/Dashboards
  • Process Automation
  • User Training


Our SOCs are located in the continental United States and never take a day off. Our managed detection and response services are powered by analysts, threat hunters and incident responders who utilize our advanced cloud-native platform technology to provide you with continuous cyber risk reduction. We believe in transparency and collaboration. Your data is your data, and your staff has the same access to information and tools as your KTSC SOC team. Our efforts have helped law enforcement at the state and national levels track down cybercriminals and unveil numerous zero-day vulnerabilities.


When every minute counts, you need specialized cybersecurity experts to help you respond to a compromise, minimize losses, and prevent future incidents. We deliver digital forensics and incident response services with an experienced team capable of guiding your organization and legal team every step of the way. This includes containing the incident, determining exposure through forensic analysis, and quickly restoring your normal operations.



Choosing the right partner is the most critical step in your entire process.

The products that comprise KTSC are flexible, customizable and packed with features needed for modern leaders to adapt to the fast-paced business landscape. We incorporate your people, your processes, reduce risk and help you put together a successful strategic plan for your future, no matter where you are in the cybersecurity lifecycle.


KTSC has a team of dedicated consultants with deep technical, functional, and industry expertise to help you achieve your short-term and long-term business goals. We leverage the best and the brightest talent, who take pride in their commitment to delivering business outcomes and have multiple training and certifications to prove it. We have long-standing relationships of collaborative innovation with our vendors. We succeed at using best practices for modern software implementation, applying advanced tools and methods. To help you quickly get up and running again and reaping the business outcomes you desire.


We understand that choosing to implement a business solution is not an easy decision. Often, your career is on the line if the project does not deliver the desired results, and Gartner estimates that 55-75% of implementation projects fail. At KTSC, we’re focused on mitigating your risk and delivering transformative results. It can be a little painful at first, as change is never easy, but when you engage us, you deal with senior business leaders that are highly-regarded experts in their respective areas of focus. You can expect us to partner with you throughout your implementation project on your road true digital transformation.


We learn about your business, goals, and challenges, and help you move forward in the way you envision.


You’ll have dedicated, full-time KTSC resources, who are focused on your project, and your project alone.


Our engagements are led by equity partners who are involved in ensuring projects meet their strategic objectives.


Our engagement model is thorough and thoughtful, requiring upfront investments of both parties.


It results in better estimates, a better project plan, and a more predictable result. You won’t have to worry about being another “over-budget” statistic.

“KTSC clearly understood our business from a financial and process perspective. They had the manufacturing expertise and systems integration experience. And the team provided training and support, so we didn’t have to deal with multiple vendors. That was huge. We’ve made KTSC our trusted advisor, and look forward to a long, happy relationship with them.”


KTSC has a team of highly experienced cybersecurity professionals, averaging over 15 years of experience, that deliver efficiency and business solutions enabled by capabilities built on our vendor’s platforms – driving automation, optimization and user adoption. We go into every project centered around your needs, budget and goals.


When you work with KTSC, you get seasoned implementers as well as access to end to end business and technology consulting experts. We focus on your people, processes, and data to map a solution that fits your unique business needs, enables you to achieve your company goals, and plan for growth. Our team has a full range of cybersecurity knowledge and expertise, creating value in every aspect of our engagements is a crucial driver for our success.

We listen and learn what you truly need. Once we have a firm understanding of where you are and where you want to go, we discover which solutions bring the highest value to your organization.


KTSC has expertise in all PaaS and SaaS products coupled with secure, tangible practices and methodologies to help you achieve operational security and efficiency. Our consultants are well-rounded professionals with extensive application experience and the soft skills required to work across business and IT stakeholders to create business capabilities that meet your needs. Our professionals have a track record of successfully delivering applications and abilities on our platform – helping them fully realize the client’s investment and transforming their business.

While hundreds of partners can tackle your project, KTSC implements technology that transforms your business.

“We lost a key member of our IT team and switched platforms within the same 6 months, yet KTSC stepped in to quickly cover those responsibilities, being extremely flexible along the way as our internal priorities and goals changed.”


Sometimes, a project that starts out promising can cause more headaches than high-fives. KTSC gets involved in rescuing compromised cybersecurity implementations all the time, and we are proud of our record in seeing them through to success.


At any stage of a failing implementation, we can join your project and perform recovery. Our team follows a goals-based, collaborative approach that is very thorough without necessarily taking a lot of time. We start by understanding your business goals and your reasons for implementing a new system. We can help you identify and enlist an executive sponsor and make good use of that person’s influence without undue demands on his or her time and energy. We are also ready to provide blueprints and templates for communications that reinforce the value story of the cybersecurity effort that resonates well with users.

Your business goals direct our work. Since environments are typically already deployed and configuration begun, we help clients reassess standard functionality to provide a fresh set of eyes on identifying and reviewing gaps. Whether you pursue a complete business transformation or are looking for greater process efficiencies and cost control, we will recommend your best course.

“You want to control your own destiny, and that requires a flexible, customizable platform where you can satisfy today’s requirements while providing a solid base for your evolution through the coming years. In addition to that solution, you need a highly capable implementation partner to help you reap its benefits.”


For businesses that have invested heavily in Cybersecurity technologies, the transition to anything new can be daunting.

The truth is, however, that a migration doesn’t have to be big and scary. You can keep it small or you can transform your business. Either way, it’s possible to choose how and when the transition impacts your organization.

Getting Started

There are several reasons for making the move — better performance and productivity, better reporting visuals, a cleaner and more engaging interface, ready to use adoption-friendly features, and endless other functionalities made possible with the right customization.

You, like many of our clients, are asking yourself questions like:

  • How do we leverage the power of new technologies?
  • Why should we make the switch?
  • What will the new UX look like for my team?
  • How will this impact our operations?
  • How can this new platform drive productivity and increase security?
  • How do we make the transition, responsibly?

The good news is, you’re in good hands.

KTSC has performed numerous migrations for companies of all shapes and sizes. We’re here to guide you, help you prioritize, develop a roadmap, and support you along the way.

Transformation Roadmap

The migration is often not as simple as flipping the switch. The first and most important step is understanding where your organization is on the path to readiness. KTSC works with you to help understand how you can align your business goals with the benefits you can expect from the new platform.

What now? Managed Services

Go-live is just the beginning of an exciting and essential platform migration. Many customers and consultants focus all of their energy on the initial configuration of the platform but haven’t considered their long-term strategies for continued success. We know that much of the work starts after go-live. KTSC’s experienced Cybersecurity professionals are ready to assist with the strategic and technical components of your new platform – ensuring you are always ready for the next big thing.


Get the most out of your Cybersecurity with KTSC

KTSC and its partners are an incredible toolset and can help businesses utilize technology to modernize and secure their entire platform. However, many companies struggle to get the most out of their platform. That’s where we come in. KTSC works with your company to optimize your environment, and customize it to create a unique solution to meet your industry-specific needs.

When a company decides to change to a new platform, it’s critical to have a strategic plan in place to guide the migration. Each company’s processes and procedures are different, and that’s reflected in their needs. However, sometimes companies proceed with an implementation without a fully formed plan in place. These instances result in companies not using the platform to its fullest potential. Whether your company is planning to integrate a new platform or needs to optimize an existing platform, KTSC can help. We make sure companies get the most out of their investment by continuously improving their system to meet ever-changing needs, and incorporating the newest features and innovations.

We help businesses design and optimize their Cybersecurity platform in a variety of ways: 

  • Adapt your company’s existing platform to a new or improved business model
  • Integrate new features or advanced processes
  • Streamline user experiences
  • Redesign data architecture to maximize efficiency

Companies constantly evolve and grow. Strategies change, goals advance, markets adapt, and teams mature. At KTSC, we can help build a properly optimized platform that grows with you. We have helped a variety of companies of all sizes optimize their environment, from professional services to manufacturers and insurance carriers.



At KTSC, we turn technology into tangible business value. Technology is in our DNA. Since day one it’s been how we drive results. Our multidisciplinary teams combine deep technical expertise, industry experience, and the operational know-how to deliver a real, competitive advantage. Think return, not burn.

So whether you need a fast, smart solution to deliver measurable results, or a longer-term strategy that will disrupt the market for years to come, together, we’ll get it done. We can help you make an impact. Meeting today’s challenges and anticipating tomorrow’s. Undeniably Different. Unparalleled Results.

Just some of the companies that trust us.

Our Partners

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KTSC’s journey started in 1992 under the name Computer Upgrades International. The brainchild of a group of innovative students from a specialized technical high school program in Southern California, the company initially focused on addressing the IT needs of small local businesses. The founders not only catered to businesses but also supported the high school’s computer labs, strengthening their bond with the community.

Working with businesses across different sectors, Computer Upgrades International began to specialize in building and repairing computers and networks. They also developed a niche in creating custom-written software solutions specifically for real estate appraisers and small-scale manufacturers, bringing innovation to the way these sectors worked.

In 1996, the company underwent a strategic transformation and rebranded itself as Infinity Technologies. With its new identity, Infinity Technologies expanded its client base and began working on projects with well-known brands like Starwood Lodging and Earthlink, among others.

Infinity Technologies was also at the forefront of digital transformation and demonstrated its innovative prowess with two landmark projects. In 1998, they marked a historic milestone by helping to engineer and facilitate the first-ever live internet broadcast from the White House on Easter Sunday, followed by celebrating the 35th anniversary of the iconic Whisky-a-go-go in Hollywood through a live internet broadcast.

The evolution to KTSC was the next step in their journey. With its leadership team boasting a combined total of over 100 years of real-world business IT and cybersecurity experience, KTSC’s expertise is grounded in decades of hands-on, practical work across a spectrum of company sizes, from the smallest businesses to the largest enterprises.

Today, KTSC has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings as a high school project. Now, it provides a comprehensive range of products, services, and solutions to hundreds of customers, catering to an extensive client base across the United States and Canada. The company continues to be a driving force in the IT and cybersecurity space, maintaining its commitment to quality service and innovative solutions.

Our Values

Excellence: We relentlessly pursue the highest standards in IT and Cybersecurity services and products. We consistently strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing top-tier solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Commitment to SMEs:
We recognize the unique challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in a digital age. We dedicate ourselves to delivering cost-effective and robust IT and Cybersecurity solutions that enable SMEs to grow and compete effectively.

We uphold the highest ethical standards in all our interactions. Our clients trust us with their most sensitive data, and we maintain this trust through transparent and honest practices.

As the technological landscape continues to evolve, so do we. We remain committed to staying ahead of the curve, investing in research, and pioneering innovative solutions for our clients.

We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. We see ourselves as an extension of their team, collaborating closely to align our services with their business goals.

We believe that every company, regardless of its size, should have access to top-tier IT and Cybersecurity services. Our commitment is to make sophisticated technology accessible and user-friendly for all.

In the face of cyber threats and IT challenges, we stand resilient. Our commitment is not just to solve immediate issues but to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools to mitigate future risks.

At KTSC, these values are at the core of everything we do. They guide our decisions, shape our services, and define our relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

At KTSC, our mission is underpinned by our core values: excellence, commitment to SMEs, integrity, innovation, partnership, equity, and resilience. We strive to deliver exceptional IT and Cybersecurity services and products to companies across all industries and sizes, exceeding expectations through our relentless pursuit of excellence.

We are dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises, providing them with robust and cost-effective IT and Cybersecurity solutions tailored to their unique needs. We uphold the highest standards of integrity, fostering trust through transparency and honesty in all our practices.

As leaders in the evolving technological landscape, our commitment to innovation drives us to stay ahead of the curve and pioneer solutions that enable our clients to thrive in a digital age. We view each client relationship as a partnership, working closely to align our services with their strategic goals.

Believing in the principle of equity, we strive to level the technological playing field. We aim to ensure that businesses of all sizes have access to top-tier IT and Cybersecurity services, equipping them with the sophisticated technology they need to succeed.

In the face of cyber threats and IT challenges, we remain resilient. Our goal is not just to solve immediate issues but to equip our clients with the knowledge and tools to safeguard against future risks.

At KTSC, we are on a mission to provide IT and Cybersecurity solutions that are as unique as your business.